Monday, May 11, 2009

Doug Wilson's Musical Exhortation

Doug Wilson is currently running an excellent series of short posts on the topic of Musical Exhortation over at Blog and Mablog.

To whet your appetite for his thought-provoking commentary, here is a small section from his last post titled "The Devil is a Musician":

You should want everything you do in the course of the week to be helping you prepare for worship, because worship should be preparing you for everything you do in the course of the week. And keep in mind what was said earlier. It is not the case that all your music must be "church music." There are all kinds of secular music that can contribute appropriate texture to what you have to offer the Lord. But also keep in mind that we live in a confused and rebellious age, and the devil is a musician, one who will give you songs that unravel what God gives you here. Not only that, but it will unravel your heart and life as well. Flee from him.
Other posts in the series include:

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Doug posts a new Musical Exhortation post every Sunday morning.

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