Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Nathan Clark George

Last August, I was introduced to the music of Nathan Clark George by R.C. Sproul Jr. who came to our church to speak for our annual Heritage Weekend. I didn't look into his music again until recently, when I purchased one of his CDs, titled "Rise in the Darkness". Nathan is a believer (a good Presbyterian, to boot) who travels with his wife and kids all over the south performing his music for churches, conferences, and retreats. He is a very talented songwriter and guitarist. Much of his music, including most of the songs on "Rise in the Darkness" are versifications of the words of Scripture. I find his music to be a refreshing contrast to the slew of over-produced, shallow poppy Christian contemporary music that fills the wavelengths these days. I would place his music in the same vein as Michael Card, but even more down-to-earth and folky. To give a secular reference point, he sounds to me a bit like James Taylor, Sean Watkins, and with a bit of Jack Johnson thrown in on occasion.

You can listen to many full songs for free, or purchase his albums, at this site. Or you can read more about him and his music at his homepage. To download his albums digitally, visit Behemoth.com.

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timblack1 said...

I'm glad to know you know of NCG and like his music! Nathan has just agreed to put on a concert at my congregation in Caney, KS, later this month, since he's traveling through and had some days free. I hope this note finds you doing well!