Friday, April 17, 2009

Composition: Meditation

For a few years I have been encouraged by family and friends to record a solo guitar CD but have not felt comfortable enough with my repertoire to do more than occasionally play around with low-quality recordings done on my Mac at home. I don't have any firm plans for recording a CD at this point but I am moving in that direction, albeit slowly. Two months ago I wrote an original piece for solo acoustic guitar titled "Meditation". This evening I decided to give another shot at getting a decent recording of something out of my guitar with the sparse equipment I have. When my plans to record my guitar through my amplifier's line-out plugged into the Mac's line-in were thwarted by my amplifier picking up some radio signal from who knows where, I resorted to simply amplifying the guitar and recording through the Mac's internal microphone.

Yes, I am aware of how low-tech that is...

The following "video" is my first take, edited to clean up the audio a bit and add a mix of chorus/echo/reverb to improve the sound of the low-quality recording. I prefer the piece without the effects but the raw unedited track needed some help due to the quality of the recording, or lack thereof. For those interested, the tuning I used is DADGAD which accounts for the unique sound compared to standard guitar tuning. You may want to try listening with headphones because if your computer's internal speakers are like mine you'll have a hard time picking up the bass. Let me know what you think!

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